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An Introduction To 3D Concept Art
Designing a Sci-Fi Low-Profile Truck

Learn how to model a concept truck in Fusion 360, how to turn surface models into meshes and how to set up materials and lights in 3ds max using Corona Renderer.

Part 01: Creating Weapons for Games
Highpoly and Lowpoly Modeling Gun and Stock

Learn how to build the highpoly and lowpoly model of the 1914 “Luger” gun and prepare it for UV unwrapping and texturing.

Part 02: Creating Weapons for Games
UV Unwrapping and Map Baking explained

Learn how to efficiently unwrap UVs in UVLayout and Maya and understand how to use Marmoset Toolbag for map baking.

Part 03: Creating Weapons for Games
Texture Painting in Substance Painter

In this final part I show you how to use the complex layer system in Substance Painter to create realistic textures and materials for the gun, stock and holster.

Free 3D Teeth Model
The Only Set of 3D Teeth you will ever need!

Don’t waste your precious time modeling and texturing teeth! Download and use the 3D Gladiator Teeth Set instead, and focus on the important parts of character modeling.

Free 3D Model
3D Gladiator: Anatomy Reference Model

Download the complete gladiator package containing 3DS, FBX, MAX, OBJ and ZTL files, posed and in relaxed T-pose with accessories attached as separate objects.

3D Cloth Modeling Tutorial Part 1
Create Great Looking Cloth in Marvelous Designer

This is part 1 of the 3D Cloth Modeling Tutorial series that teaches you how to get the most out of Marvelous Designer in a few simple steps.

3D Cloth Modeling Tutorial Part 2
How To Bridge The Gap Between MD and ZBrush

Learn how to prepare clothes for export in Marvelous Designer, how to auto-retopologize the mesh and how to import and add details in ZBrush.

Video Tutorial
How To Customize the ZBrush Interface

If you have ever wondered how to customize the ZBrush UI, this contains all you need to know! The short video tutorial series leaves no questions unanswered.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

In order to grow and evolve as an artist in computer graphics, we all rely on the knowledge shared by our fellow colleagues. With your support, together, we can turn 3dgladiator.com into a valuable resource base.

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What this is all about:

Dear fellow CG Artists,

mastering a craft usually means lifelong learning. This holds especially true for computer graphics. Becoming a CG Artist requires perseverance and commitment to learn both, technical and artistic skill in an environment that’s constantly changing.

I’m building 3dgladiator.com as a resource base that supports you on your journey to becoming a successful fully-fledged CG Artist. I, like many of us, am an entirely self-educated professional, which means I know about the many obstacles one may face and can offer ways to overcome them on your way to:

  • making a living as a CG professional
  • acquiring clients as a freelancer,
  • landing a job in the industry,
  • and continuing to grow as an artist.

I strongly believe that you can overcome these obstacles too!

Have a great and creative day!

Ben | 3D Gladiator