How To Create Your Own

Custom ZBrush User Interface

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How To Install the 3D Gladiator UI:

ZBrush allows great flexibility when it comes to adjusting the interface. You can easily change the layout and colors, create custom menus and give the tools you use the most often the space they deserve. Many settings and functions are hidden and sometimes it’s not obvious what they are good for at first sight. This is why I have recorded a few short video tutorials to show you how to and why to change the UI.

You can follow the steps described in the videos to create your own custom UI according your needs. You can also subscribe to my newsletters and download the 3D Gladiator interface package. In the following I’ll describe what the package contains and how to install the files.

ZBrush interface before and after adjustments

To use the 3D Gladiator custom UI, you must have at least ZBrush 2020 installed on your computer. In the download package you will find a folder named UserInterface with three files in it; the custom user interface, the custom UI colors and a ZBrush startup document. Close ZBrush if it’s currently open and browse to the ZStartup folder located in the public user directory.

On Windows the path usually looks something like this: “Users\Public \Documents\ ZBrushData2020 \ZStartup“. If you work on a Mac OSX, go to “User/Public/ ZBrushData/ZStartup”. Then copy and paste the CustomUserInterface2020.cfg and the StartupDocument.ZBR file from the project folder and overwrite the existing ones.

When you launch ZBrush now, the look of the interface should have changed. In case the colors do not look like in the screenshot above, go to Preferences>IColors and load the 3DGladiator_Colors.cfg file.

copy/paste and overwrite the UI files from the project folder to the StartUp directory

Depending on your screen resolution, it will be necessary to adjust the canvas size again. In ZBrush, open the document palette, make sure WSize is checked, click on New Document, adjust the canvas background color if necessary and select Save as Startup Doc.

To return to the default layout, open the preference palette and click on Initialize ZBrush at the very top. Then open the Config sub-palette and select Restore Standard UI. To entirely replace the 3D Gladiator UI, click on Store Config in the Config sub-palette and restart ZBrush.

Important Note:

Sometimes the UI does not load correctly when you launch ZBrush and buttons or tools that are part of your custom interface are missing. In this case it is necessary to manually load the UI again. Go to the config subpalette in the preference palette and click on “Restore Custom UI” or on “Load UI” and browse to the corresponding folder.

How To Install the Custom Brushes:

I’ve developed a set of custom brushes to model organic shapes. The 3DG Flatten brush is a slightly modified version of the default flatten brush that comes with ZBrush. It distinguishes from the standard one by not only flattening the surfaces, but simultaneously pushing it in or out.

It can be used the same way as the ClayBuildUp brush, except that it produces smoother edges. I usually sculpt primary shapes with the 3DG_Flatten brush first and polish them with the 3DG_Flatten_Fine last.

The 3DG_Smooth_Stronger brush is the same as the one that can be found in Lightbox when you open the Smooth folder in the Brush tab and chose Smooth Stronger.ZBP

3DGladiator custom flatten brushes for building organic shapes

To install the custom brushes, open your ZBrush installation directory, browse to the ZStartup folder and copy the content from the CustomBrushes and CustomAlphas folders to the BrushPresets and Alphas folders. When you start ZBrush the next time, the 3DG Brushes are part of the brush palette. If you use the 3D Gladiator UI, the bush icons appear in the brush menu below the canvas.

copy/past the custom brushes and alphas to the ZBrush installation directory

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will try to answer every query as quickly as possible!